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DofE online cookery courses

DofE online cookery courses

DofE online cookery courses

DofE online cookery courses

Online Courses

Who are these courses for?

Introductory & Intermediate

Any young person who is:
• a complete beginner but wants to become a good home cook
• working towards their Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
• keen to gain confidence in the kitchen but has additional needs

Omnivores & Plant-Based

Any young person who is:
• off to uni, taking a gap year or embarking on a first flat-share
• working towards their 12-month Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
• keen to gain confidence in the kitchen but has additional needs

Lorna Wing Cookery’s 12-week Omnivores and Plant-Based courses are for students heading to university, or already there, who want to be kitchen-confident. For those deferring and taking a gap year, they offer a great opportunity to get ahead and get ready for uni life. They’re also ideal for anyone embarking on a first flat-share or doing the next stage of their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Because she’s eager that everyone should learn to cook and eat well, Lorna will always try to modify the courses so they’re accessible for those with additional needs. And for anyone with special dietary requirements, she’ll suggest alternative ingredients.


What will I be taught to cook?

Busy-day breakfasts; comforting British and Mediterranean one-pots; Asian-inspired noodles, dals or rice; speedy soups; moreish pasta sauces; Friday-night ‘fakeaways’; and some brilliant big-batch recipes to transform into multipurpose meals. You can see each curriculum on the Introductory, Intermediate, Omnivores and Plant-Based course pages.

The course also includes lots of tips and techniques, along with helpful chefs’ videos to watch and interesting articles to read to enhance the student’s kitchen confidence and repertoire of skills.


How does an online cookery course work?

Being able to learn wherever and whenever they want is a real bonus for a young person – especially if they have coursework, exams or a busy working life to contend with. They can start a course on any date of their choosing, and there’s some flexibility about how long it takes to complete. Uni students who are free to cook most days and quick to learn can work at their own pace and finish it in a fortnight or less. DofE students learn how to make just one dish a week for 12 weeks.

As soon as a student has booked and paid online, they can download the course to their phone, tablet or PC. Using WhatsApp, they send Lorna photos of each dish they cook, with brief comments, and she replies with personalised feedback, advice and encouragement. Once a DofE student has completed the course, Lorna submits a report to their eDofE account.


When does each course begin?

On any date that suits throughout the year.


How do I get started?

Once the booking form has been returned to Lorna, she connects with the student via WhatsApp so they can send her photos of their culinary creations whenever they’re ready.


What does it cost?

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