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The Plant-Based Course


The Plant-Based Course is for anyone who’s a flexitarian, a vegetarian, a vegan or the odd one out in a household of carnivores. It’ll teach you how to make everyday meals that are simple, economical and nutritious, and the tried-and-tested recipes are super-flexible, with swap-in/swap-out ingredients. Each one uses familiar store-cupboard, fridge or freezer staples – whether that’s a tin of nourishing lentils, a jar of crunchy peanut butter, or some long-lasting root or frozen vegetables – so nothing goes to waste. You’ll also learn how to tweak a plant-based recipe to make it suitable for a meat eater. All the recipes are for one person. You’ll also learn about kitchen safety, food hygiene and how to follow a recipe. £150: for 12 weeks if doing the DofE (though university students can cook daily and do the course in 2 weeks or less, if they like).

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